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Reverse Engineered ChatGPT API by OpenAI. Extensible for chatbots etc.

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python -m pip install --upgrade revChatGPT

Suport Python Version

  • Minimum - Python3.9
  • Recommend - Python3.11+

V1 Standard ChatGPT

This uses a reversed's API with a cloudflare bypass server to make programmatic ChatGPT usage free. This specific library is meant for personal use due to severe rate limits on OpenAI's side. It has not been optimized for use with mutliple accounts.

You can check out this project for well supported multi account cycling. It is compatible with the official API. Use OpenAI's documentation as reference on usage. It carries conversations between accounts to ensure rate limits are not hit given a high number of accounts.

V3 Official Chat API

Recently released by OpenAI.

Get API key from

Command line

python3 -m revChatGPT.V3 --api_key <api_key>

  $ python3 -m revChatGPT.V3 --help

    ChatGPT - Official ChatGPT API

Type '!help' to show a full list of commands
Press Esc followed by Enter or Alt+Enter to send a message.

usage: [-h] --api_key API_KEY [--temperature TEMPERATURE] [--no_stream] [--base_prompt BASE_PROMPT]
             [--proxy PROXY] [--top_p TOP_P] [--reply_count REPLY_COUNT] [--enable_internet]
             [--config CONFIG] [--submit_key SUBMIT_KEY] [--model {gpt-3.5-turbo,gpt-4,gpt-4-32k}]
             [--truncate_limit TRUNCATE_LIMIT]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --api_key API_KEY     OpenAI API key
  --temperature TEMPERATURE
                        Temperature for response
  --no_stream           Disable streaming
  --base_prompt BASE_PROMPT
                        Base prompt for chatbot
  --proxy PROXY         Proxy address
  --top_p TOP_P         Top p for response
  --reply_count REPLY_COUNT
                        Number of replies for each prompt
  --enable_internet     Allow ChatGPT to search the internet
  --config CONFIG       Path to V3 config json file
  --submit_key SUBMIT_KEY
                        Custom submit key for chatbot. For more information on keys, see README
  --model {gpt-3.5-turbo,gpt-4,gpt-4-32k}
  --truncate_limit TRUNCATE_LIMIT

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This is not an official OpenAI product. This is a personal project and is not affiliated with OpenAI in any way. Don't sue me.