Apptainer: a different distrobox alternative to manage containers

Apptainer is a container platform which integrates with the host (like distrobox) but with some key features, like easy to transport and share single-file containers.

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Apptainer containers are single files which are created on your working directory (by default) and therefore, they are easy to share. The host system shares some directories with the container ($HOME, /tmp and $PWD) but you can mount additional directories.


Apptainer is available on Arch Linux (‘community’ repository), Fedora, RHEL (with EPEL repositories) and as a DEB package for Debian/Ubuntu. Check for more info.


Pull images and create containers

Pull an image and create the container:

apptainer pull <URI>
  • <URI> can be a Docker/OCI image from Docker Hub or another OCI registry: docker://user/image:tag. For example docker://debian.

The container will be created as a .sif file inside your current directory.

Run a container

  • You can start a simple shell on your container with apptainer shell <container file>:
    apptainer shell debian-latest.sif
  • Run a single command with apptainer exec <container file> <command>:
    apptainer exec alpine-latest.sif cat /etc/os-release

Apptainer Definition Files

You can easily define your custom containers using a definition file. The content of a definition file can be as simple as:

Bootstrap: docker
From: debian:latest

  apt update
  apt -y upgrade
  apt install -y htop

  • Bootstrap: it determines the bootstrap agent that will be used to create the base operating system you want to use.
  • From defines the container to use as a base.
  • %post is executed at build time, after the base OS is installed.
  • %runscript defines actions to execute when the container is executed (apptainer run <container file>).
  • There are other sections inside a definition file, check

Apptainer Definition Files usually have the .def extension (but they are simple plain text files).

Build a container from scratch

After creating the Apptainer Definition File, you can create your custom container with apptainer build <container file> <definition file>:

apptainer build mydebian.sif deb-definition.def

More commands

  • apptainer run <container file>: run the user-defined default command within a container (%runscript section on the definition file).
  • apptainer inspect <container file>: shows metadata for a container.
  • apptainer help <command>: help about any Apptainer command. Run apptainer help for global help.