Slack 的开发者 Felix Rieseberg 将 Win95 打包成一个应用程序,并分享到了GitHub上,Windows/Mac/Linux用户都可以找到对应的安装包下载体验。

不少体验了 Windows 95 v1.0 的外媒表示,整体运行非常流畅,经典的扫雷、空当接龙、记事本、画图、写字板等程序都完美工作,但IE浏览器、太空弹球尚需继续开发。



Windows 95 in Electron. Runs on macOS, Linux, and Windows. 

This is Windows 95, running in an Electron app. Yes, it's the full thing.


32-bit 💿 Installer | 📦 Standalone Zip
64-bit 💿 Installer | 📦 Standalone Zip
ARM64 💿 Installer | 📦 Standalone Zip
Don't know what kind of chip you have? Hit start, enter "processor" for info.

Intel Processor 📦 Standalone Zip
Apple M1 Processor 📦 Standalone Zip
Don't know what kind of chip you have? Learn more at apple.com.

64-bit 💿 rpm | 💿 deb
ARM64 💿 rpm | 💿 deb
ARMv7 (armhf) 💿 rpm | 💿 deb


Does it work?

Yes! Quite well, actually - on macOS, Windows, and Linux. Bear in mind that this is written entirely in JavaScript, so please adjust your expectations.

Should this have been a native app?


Does it run Doom (or my other favorite game)?

You'll likely be better off with an actual virtualization app, but the short answer is yes. Thanks to @DisplacedGamers I can recommend that you switch to a resolution of 640x480 @ 256 colors before starting DOS games - just like in the good ol' days.


99% of the work was done over at v86 by Copy aka Fabian Hemmer and his contributors.


Before you can run this from source, you'll need the disk image. It's not part of the repository, but you can grab it using the Show Disk Image button from the packaged release, which does include the disk image. You can find that button in the Modify C: Drive section.

Unpack the images folder into the src folder, creating this layout:

- /images/windows95.img
- /images/default-state.bin
- /assets/...
- /bios/...
- /docs/...

Once you've done so, run npm install and npm start to run your local build.

If you want to tinker with the image or make a new one, check out the QEMU docs.

Other Questions