FFmpeg prebuilt for NW.js

FFmpeg prebuilt binaries for NW.js / Chromium 。

FFmpeg prebuilt binaries with proprietary codecs and build instructions for Window, Linux and macOS.


Downloads can be found here



node build[-h] [-c] [--version NW_VERSION] [--arch TARGET_ARCH] or npx nwjs-ffmpeg-prebuilt [-h] [-c] [-d] [--get-download-url] [--version NW_VERSION] [--arch TARGET_ARCH]

Arguments explanied:
  • -h, --help : Show the help message and exit
  • -c, --clean : Clean the workspace, removes downloaded source code
  • -v NW_VERSION, --version NW_VERSION : Build ffmpeg for the specified Nw.js version (latest from http://nwjs.io/versions.json if not specified)
  • -a TARGET_ARCH, --arch TARGET_ARCH : Target architecture, x86, x64, arm
  • -d, --download : Download Prebuild binaries.
  • -p, --platform : Download platform, darwin, win, linux
  • --get-download-url : Get Download Url for Prebuild binaries
  • -o, --out : Output Directory

Specific guides:

You can get the FFmpeg source code from here.