connect SSTP VPN server from Mac

You may know that windows server VPN often can run on SSTP. Connecting from Windows 10 is pretty easy, but if you have to work remotely from your personal Mac? Mac OS does not support SSTP VPM out of the box.


Below is short instruction what to do if you want to connect Windows SSTP VPN from MacOS

Prerequisites: Homebrew installed - see here

Run terminal and install sstp-client

brew update
brew install sstp-client

In order to connect to your SSTP VPN with login and password use the following command line:

sudo /usr/local/sbin/sstpc/sstpc --log-stderr --cert-warn --user <user> --password <password> <server> usepeerdns require-mschap-v2 noauth noipdefault defaultroute refuse-eap noccp

If you prefer to have UI to start your VPN connection you can use iSstp


This command line doesn't work for me. After entering my password I get 'sudo: /usr/local/sbin/sstpc/sstpc: command not found'. I've asked a question that links to here: [*Connect to SSTP VPN using MAC OS X*]( 

"sudo /usr/local/sbin/sstpc" was correct!