基于 tauri 框架开发,多语言支持(包括中文),可以用做抽奖活动或者课堂点名或者其他类似的使用场景中。遵守CC知识共享协议。界面简洁, 抽奖过程中还伴有配音,营造气氛。




    目前支持:.jpg / .jpeg / .png 格式

    打开 LuckyYou 软件,点击 “Select image folder” 按钮,选中第一步中的文件夹
    等待软件读取图片文件完成,完成后你可以点击 “Start” 按钮,此时软件就会快速的依次将图片和对应的文件名滚动显示在屏幕上。
    可以在任意时间点击 “Stop” 按钮,一旦点击,程序就会停止滚动并展示此刻被选中的图片及它的文件名。


软件右上角提供 2 个功能按钮

点击此按钮可以在 静音 / 非静音 状态之间切换,如果是静音状态,则点击 开始 和 停止 按钮时不会播放声音

当前软件支持两种语言,中文 / 英文,你可以点击这个按钮切换至你想要的语言


    是否允许一张图片被多次选中?【 是 / 否 】
        是, 一张图片可能会被选中多次
        否, 一旦一张图片被选中,它将被从之后的运行中排除,保证只能被选中一次

    注意:如果设置为 【否】,那么将只能最多运行 x 次,其中 x 等于图片文件的数量,一旦所有图片都被选中,必须重新选择图片文件夹来重新开始。

[repo owner=”jwenjian” name=”lucky-you”]


A tiny, simple but useful cross platform app to do a lucky draw.

Lucky You



LuckyYou is a simple app build on tauri framework to provide a crossplatform application to do a lucky draw or make a roll call on your class or similar use cases.

Pay attention please if you are using Windows:If current windows app not working for you, please use this PWA APP instead for now.(How to use?)

PWA app is on ProductHunt!

Lucky You - A free, simple, beautiful PWA app to do a lucky draw. | Product Hunt Embed


Firstly you need to download from release page according to your platform, I will always release 3 files per version:

  • .dmg for MacOS
  • .msi for Windows
  • .deb for Linux

Note: If you are using windows and faced the problem of Missing dll vcruntime, please download it from here and put it to your C:\Windows\System32 and try again.


Follow the below steps to use the app:

  1. You need to prepare your image files with a meaningful name, like student's full name, and put them into one directory.

.jpg / .jpeg / .png support only for now.

  1. You start the LuckyYou app, click the "Select image fodler" button to select the directory in step 1

  2. When the app reading image files done, You can click the "Start" button, and it will display every image and its filename on the screen.

  3. You can click "Stop" button at any time and once you click it, the app will stop rolling and display the choosen image and its filename, i.e. the lucky one!

Function button

There are 2 function buttons on the top-right corner.

Sound control button

Click this button can toggle between mute / unmute status, if the status is mute, then there will be no sound when click start or stop button.

Language switch button

We support 2 languages for now, you can click this button to switch to your language.

Settings button

Click to show settings dialog:

Common Settings

  • Is multi-chose on same image allowed? [ Yes / No ]

    • Yes, One image maybe chosed more than once
    • No, Once the image being chosed, it will be exclued from later rolling.

Note that: If set to [ No ], You can only runs x times in which x = image file count, when all the images are chosed, you must select the image folder again to continue.


  1. This app is not support update directly for now, so if you have an old version, please unintall it before you install a new version

  2. Your image file better be small(like less than 1Mb),otherwise it will consume more memory

  3. Your image file name better be short(like less than 10 words), otherwise it may be wrapped and replaced with ...

Tested OS

  • Linux

    • Ubuntu
      • 20.04
  • Mac OS

    • 10.15.5
  • Windows

    • Windows server 2019 datecenter
      • 1809

If you tested this app successfully on your OS that not listed here, welcome to submit an issue to tell us.

Known Issues

Here are some known issues that need to be fixed:

  1. Cannot start app on Win7 Enterprise version with this error: "Entry Point Not Found in ole32.dll"