Publicly available doh servers


Who runs it Base URL Comment
Google Full RFC 8484 support
Cloudflare Supports both -04 and -13 content-types
Quad9 Recommended: 
Secured provides: Security blocklist, DNSSEC, no EDNS Client-Subnet 
Unsecured provides: No security blocklist, no DNSSEC, no EDNS Client-Subnet 
Recommend is currently identical to secure.
CleanBrowsing anycast DoH server with parental control (restricts access to adult content + enforces safe search)
@chantra "toy server" which runs doh-proxy
@jedisct1 a server which runs another project called doh-proxy, written in Rust.
PowerDNS Based on dnsdist-doh branch Japan:
Run on Go implementation, knot-resolver with DNSSEC and ads block Runs Go implementation. Does recursion itself with no upstream servers. Toy server may fail, please report if fails No Logging & DNSSEC East China Zone, Based on
Commons Host ~20 PoPs worldwide, Node.js/playdohover Knot Resolver.
DnsWarden Adblocking DNS: 
Uncensored DNS:
No query/IP logging with DNSSEC enabled. 
Blocks ads and trackers in Adblocking DNS.
No filtering in Uncensored DNS. Server US: 
Server EU:
Runs on Star Brilliant's dns-over-https 
Both servers check for DNSSEC and block advertising
Foundation for Applied Privacy No query/IP logging, no filtering, QNAME minimization, no EDNS client subnet, TLS 1.3, DNSSEC, RFC7706, RFC8198; Runs dnss with local unbound resolver running DNSCrypt with DNSSEC support as the upstream. Privacy Policy. More details at No logging or filtering. Runs in Bangalore, India
Tiarap Based in Singapore, No logging, block Ad/Ad-tracking/Malware, No ECS, DNSSEC
DNS.SB No Logging, DNSSEC enabled
FAELIX No logging, based on dnsdist-doh RC querying our powerdns-recursor resolvers, multiple nodes in UK and CH, more info

Supported in browsers and clients

Name Version Comments
Firefox 62 temporary docs
Bromite 67.0.3396.88 How to enable DoH
curl 7.62.0 See DOH-implementation
OkHttp 3.11 See Providers
curl-doh n/a basic stand-alone DoH client that uses curl
Chrome 66